Welcome to the Vorpal Robotics WikiEdit

Welcome to the Vorpal Robotics Wiki! Here you'll find information about projects and products from Vorpal Robotics, LLC, including technical information, free downloads, classroom activity ideas, and more!


Mimsy with yellow sensors and grip arm.

Vorpal Mimsy Edit

Our first product is the [Vorpal Mimsy] Educational Robot. Many of the wiki entries on our site will revolve around this product, including technical details, CAD files, software, and more. But stay tuned for additional products as well as contributed extensions!

Our Philosophy Edit

Vorpal Robotics is dedicated to creating fun, interactive, classroom and teacher friendly robotics products based on open source technologies. We sell kits as well as fully built robots that can support STEM activities from grade school through middle- and high-school.

What's With the Funny Names? Edit

Words like Vorpal and Mimsy come from the classic Lewis Carroll poem Jaberwocky. We will be using other words from that poem in future offerings. See Jaberwocky by Lewis Carroll.

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